Catherine Hart Hero Image

In 1978, I moved to Barcelona.

I first arrived in Barcelona intending to teach English for just a year or two, but stayed on… and that was 45 years ago now. Over the years, I have made an enormous collection of photos of this city and many others. Some are of places that evoke a feeling or tell a story. Others are of beautiful buildings or architectural details. People are often surprised to realise they have stood next to "that" door, or walked under "that" balcony... and never noticed them at all.

I started making greetings cards in 2008.

I looked at all these photos from time to time...but didn't know what to do with them. Then I remembered that I had always liked, from a very young age, making greetings cards.
I hope my cards will help people to discover and enjoy things that they may not have paid much attention to in the past. Not just "to look" but really "to see".

In 2016, I moved to....

Sitges: a beautiful seaside town just down the coast from Barcelona.
Its cobblestoned streets, the old quarter with its art galleries and museums, “Art Nouveau” architecture, non-stop events and festivals and no less than seventeen beaches (with spectacular sunsets on many occasions) make it a paradise for artists and photographers.